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Titan home buying process


Home Buying Process

So, you’re interested in buying a Titan Factory Direct manufactured home. Great, well the good news is you have plenty of advantages working for you in this hugely important process. You might already be aware of price and community advantages that factory-built homes provide, but the actual journey to manufactured homeownership can get jumbled! No worries, Titan Factory Direct is to the rescue.

Understanding the process of buying a Titan home will help you make decisions you can be happy with and, even more importantly, leave you with a home you can finally call your own. Here’s what the process usually entails when you choose Titan Factory Direct.

The Beginning:

Come on in! No matter how you first were introduced to the Titan brand, we provide everyone with our top tier, caring service. When you come in, we’ll enthusiastically ask you a series of questions to get a better understanding of your needs when going forward into the homebuying experience. Questions are crafted to cater to your buying power, dream home ideas, family and lifestyle needs and more.

Financial guidance is a key benefit of working with Titan Factory Direct. Once we identify what your financial wants and needs are, we as a company do the following: check your credit, see how much down payment you have to work with, complete a budget with both you and the lender in mind, and after analyzing these items we will direct you to the right lender.

We make sure to only show each customer homes that are a fit for them. This can depend on family size, budget, credit score, stylistic and design preferences. We help guide each customer in the right direction based on their financial situation and walk side-by-side with them through the financial process.

It’s a good idea to start asking yourself: what size home is ideal for me? How many bedrooms and bathrooms would I like? Think about your needs in regard to the home you want.

We also use this time to begin building a growing relationship between you and Titan Factory Direct, to make sure the home we find satisfies these needs.

The Nitty Gritty:

After your first visit, it’s time for that relationship to grow some more! When you come in, we’ll work together to pick your home and finalize the purchase so that we can move forward with confidence. Then, we send your application to the lenders. We also take care of other details on our end to smooth the process as it goes forward and we start to consider more things.

Here’s some perspective to illustrate: The homebuying process can be a 3-6 month interactive journey to make sure the perfect home gets delivered to the property. When you choose Titan, we ensure the process is seamless and enjoyable for you from first contact to your home delivery day!

If you can’t purchase the home on Day 1, you still have a journey to homeownership! We’ll offer guidance on details such as improving credit scores and/or saving money.

After we’ve taken care of details, financial and otherwise, you come back into the Titan office for...*drum roll please*

The Closing:

It’s the home stretch...literally! Everyone you came in contact with during the Nitty Gritty helps with the closing. Make sure you set some personal time aside to celebrate this incredible milestone! We recommend a tall glass of your favorite drink.

After closing, your living services such as water, electricity and sewage get scheduled. But wait, there’s more! Then, you get the privilege of having our parent company and industry leader, Champion Home Builders, physically visit the site and take care of our Red Carpet Service. Champion does a full walkthrough with the technician and makes sure all your wants and needs are met before you walk into your home.

Are you interested in starting your journey to homeownership and secure the keys to your future? Contact us today to meet with a Titan representative and get started.